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Detectives And Thieves

2 - 6 Players, difficulty level hard

Room Info

While investigating the "State Vault Robbery" case, the leading experts have been reported missing! No one knows what happened to any of them. There is a version stating that one of the experts has managed to solve the case and found the gold. But, instead of bringing it to the Law Units, he disappeared with the treasure. Your goal is to discover who is this double agent and to find the gold.

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Important information

Payments accepted in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies - payment ahead.
After registration we will send you a confirmation mail.
Please leave your exact contact details – mail and phone number, so we can contact you day before the game begins.
If we can't contact you, we'll have to cancel the game.
At least one person over 18 must be present during the game, unless anything else was agreed upon ahead.
8 year old and above can participate as members of an adult group.
For games after 00:00 please go to the next day.

Price List

Number of players Price per person
2 players 120 ₪ for each player
3 players 110 ₪ for each player
4 players 100 ₪ for each player
5 players 94 ₪ for each player
6 players 90 ₪ for each player
* 7 - 11 players 80 ₪ for each player

* playing in two rooms

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